Cooking up a storm in the make-believe kitchen

3:54 pm

When I was a little girl I dreamed about having a little cooker of my own.

I love baking and my gran had always encouraged me in her own kitchen. I used to help her making buns and cakes which my sweet toothed granddad demolished and always praised.

My mum tells me that my dad made me a little hob from wood which I adored. I have no recollection of this but then again that was quite some time ago!

Little D is not yet three but already he has shown an interest in cooking. If I am going in the direction of the kitchen he will ask if he can be 'a little bit of help' his words not mine and I do encourage him where I can.Together we have made buns, omelettes, scrambled eggs and most recently gingerbread.

So when Little D was offered a toy cooker for review, he jumped at the chance. Up til recently he has been using an adapted cardboard box, which has some rings drawn on for a hob but the milk bottle top knobs have dropped off with overuse and it might have been sat on one or two times.

There is no such fear with the Le Toy Van Honeybake Oven and Hob it is beautifully made of wood with proper rings and knobs that really turn and even an oven shelf and a door that closes. It is painted in jolly blue and red making it perfect for a boy or a girl.

To Little D's excitement the cooker came with an oven mitt, that was a big hit, and was accompanied by the solemn warning phase 'oven hot hot burn, mummy!' on each use. Also included was a saucepan with lid (sock soup anyone?), a frying pan, utensils you can hang up, and a tomato, bacon and egg.

Because it is made of wood I think it is actually quite good value for money, even though it is on the pricey side at £52.99. Little D has used it daily and as it is made of wood it is really robust and should last a lot longer than the plastic versions.

The other bonus is that it's small size means it can be easily tided away. It's height makes it perfect for toddlers and even big teddy to join in.

Little D loves it, he has played with it every day and it has also provided handy storage space for all his toy food and pans and things. Only problem is that he is insisting on cooking Christmas dinner this year. Anyone know where we can get a wooden turkey and several pounds of plastic Brussels spouts?

The perfect present for a lucky toddler this Christmas.

We were sent the Le Toy Van Honeybake Cooker free of charge for review, all opinions are, as always, our own.

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