Making your vintage wedding about you

12:50 pm

It is hard to believe that when I got married back in 2006 vintage wasn't really that popular. Cupcakes were something quite exotic.  As for a cake pops they were almost unheard of.

Today of course it is a different story, adding a touch of vintage to your celebrations seems almost mandatory with brides really going the extra mile to bring something old to the party, so to speak.  There are lots and lots of companies (mine included) that can help you plan such a celebration or supply the perfect items to give your guests a taste of yesteryear.

If you are getting married  I think it is important that your wedding should reflect your personality, what is the point of having a double decker bus for example if you drive a sports car and wouldn't dream of normally travelling on public transport?

I must admit it does make me sad when I see the identikit vintage wedding complete with bunting, vintage china, country flowers all held in a city centre hotel suite.  It just looks odd and very theme-y. Of course we can't all afford the perfect venue but sometimes it is best to just work with what you have, there is no reason not to bring a touch of vintage but look for eras that would fit rather than clash.

Another way you can bring in vintage is work to a colour scheme our main colours were white, green and black.  We hired a 1950's white Cadillac as our wedding car which fitted in with this and the fact our honeymoon was to be in Las Vegas.  Our guests loved it too and spent a lot of time having photos taken with or in it. 

Think about what you have time for and what your guests will enjoy, we had hired a swing singer that fitted in very well.  But our guests enjoyed the jukebox we had hired in a moment of excess much more and we actually let the singer go home early.

Don't worry about everything matching. Our wedding a real mix of this and that but it worked because we didn't overdo the vintage and it was all about us.  So long as you stick to what you love and what you are known for it shouldn't look like an explosion in a vintage factory.

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