Christmas cupcakes it's all going on down south

9:41 pm

Generally speaking the Dormouse Team love living in the north, it's not all flat caps and whippets you know, but then again flat caps and whippets what's not to like?  

We live with one foot in Lancashire and t'other in Yorkshire so, no matter what anyone says, we really have the best of both worlds.  Sadly although we do have some fantastic cupcake shops in our neck of the woods, we don't have anything like the Hummingbird Bakery.

We were sent some details of the wonderful cakes they have dreamt up for Christmas this year and they really do seem to have excelled themselves. Everyday they are offering a different festive-themed special including flavours such as Eggnog, Candy Cane and Christmas Pudding.

It's tragic. What we wouldn't do for an eggnog cupcake....

Or even one of their amazing hand made Christmas cakes...

Please Santa, can we have a Hummingbird Bakery in Manchester next year?

Cake images by Benjamin Backhouse

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