Let them eat (Christmas) cake

8:50 pm

Christmas is marching up fast and if you haven't got your skates on and made a Christmas cake by now you better get your act together, fast. 

A Christmas cake with much icing. Photo credit: Martin Belam

Most cake recipes need maturing for months the cake takes on more flavour and becomes more moist, it is customary to feed your cake with alcohol to make it boozy and rich.

However if you don't want to buy a ready made cake but have left it to the last minute to make your own never fear,  you can now buy kits to make Christmas cakes that are tasty straight from the oven. We think these kits are a really good idea especially if you are an inexperienced cook as they take away the need to buy lots of ingredients of which you will only use a small percentage.  

We were sent one of these kits from Whitworths to try but as you will know we have been unexpectedly rather upside down here at  Dormouse headquarters and our kitchen is still not fully in operation.  Therefore we have unfortunately been unable to make it at the time of writing (we are still hoping to get it done before Christmas).  We were very impressed with the contents however, all the bags of ingredients are fully weighed out, even the treacle, with simple instructions on how to make the cake also provided.

Available from Morrisons, and priced just £8 the kits cost less than half the price of buying the ingredients separately. We are all for anything that makes things simple at this hectic time of the year.

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