Does Three Constitute a Collection?

9:05 pm

Another guest post this time from the lovely Louise of  Creating and Baking, home of beautiful paper crafting and some pretty yummy foodie treats.  Today she is giving us a little peek into her world, what we wouldn't give for a shed like this!

Does Three Constitute a Collection?

“Ask and it will provide”. This is what my husband frequently says to me when I ask “have you got x, y, or z in the shed?”

Our shed, the family storage facility, is slightly ramshackle but over the last five years or so has proven to be an Aladdin's cave of usefulness. From it we have gleaned numerous items including a large Blue and White dish, various glass bottles and dishes, plus original wooden crates and tins. Some of these have found a home in our spare room, this is decorated vintage style complete with roll top bath, and others can be found atop my kitchen cupboards along with other finds.

Please don't get the impression by husband is regularly found with this head in a skip, however he came across the contents of one on a building site coming home with a French, leather briefcase to add to my collection. I truly believe one girl's rubbish is another girls riches. It takes a bit of searching to find that something special, then again you can just be very lucky and happen upon a gem.

I am continually envious of the items I see at American flea markets on the internet and in magazines - such goodies! The US are frequently derided for lacking in history, compared with the UK for example, but I feel they retain historical items of Americana much more enthusiastically and seemingly treasure such things more so than we do, unless it is classed as an antique and not vintage! If you have never seen “American Pickers” on the History channel take a look and you will see just what I mean.

So to my original question, does three constitute a collection? I currently possess three vintage Oxo tins, one from the '70's and the other two from the 1950's. I feel if  I can't class myself as a collector then I am a lover of scrummy old stuff. Stuff which, call it vintage or not, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and brings a certain charm to the quite modern interior of my old house.

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