Home sweet shed

8:41 pm

I've got a shed and I am moving in....

If I am truthful I have had it a while, it's actually been up over twelve months.  Last summer Dad and I managed to paint half of her before the weather set in.  Since then she nearly took off in a storm and has been screwed with industrial bolts to the concrete base. In case you are wondering my shed is called Alice, this is in memory of my great aunt who was a hoarder, sorry bargain hunter like me, if you could see the contents you would realise it's entirely fitting.

I've been to see Alice three times this week. She is now looking a lot tidier than she was and I just need to finish off the paint job, get the curtains up and bring the rest of the china down from the spare room and lay some flooring.  Not much if you say it quick but it's a labour of love.

Today I lugged up the chimnea and we had a winter picnic with homemade tomato and rosemary soup, and an improvised bread pudding cooked in the belly of it.  Little D had great fun playing with his sand table and making endless pretend cups of tea.

I think it is going to be a great work and entertaining space.  Do you have a shed that you love?

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