Bio Green Lassi

9:57 pm

It may surprise you to hear that the team at Dormouse and The Teapot love Indian food. The hotter the better.

So, when we were offered the chance to try Bio Green's Lassi Yogurt Smoothies we jumped at the chance. As soon as they appeared in the post we couldn't resist, we whipped up a lovely Rogan Josh curry for dinner, complete with Nan breads and rice. We opened up the Sweet Lassi that was infused with gorgeous cardamon and poured it into a large glass with lots of ice. It was super-thick and in our opinion really authentic tasting, just like you would buy in an Indian restaurant. This is not surprising when you hear that it has taken Bio Green 25 years to perfect. Absolutely delicious, we would definitely buy them in the supermarket.
The great thing about Bio Green Lassi's is that they have a really good shelf life so you can keep them in the for a couple of weeks or more. We have yet to try the passion fruit version, it is sat chilling in our fridge waiting for when the moment takes us. It's low fat(just 3.5g of fat in a 250ml bottle), full of calcium and filling and would make a great treat as part of a weekend breakfast. Other flavours in the range include mango and lycee.

Bio Green Yogurt Smoothies are Stocked across supermarkets nationwide in the refrigerator cabinets with an RRP of between £1 and £2.90

We received Bio Green Yogurt Smoothies to try free of charge but our opinions are totally our own.

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