Ministry of Craft - Manchester

12:30 pm

Earlier this year I visited the Preston Vintage Guild.  One of the stalls in the display tent was the  Ministry of Craft, the event was very crowded and so I didn't get much of an opportunity to look and see what it was.

It was only this afternoon when I was sorting through some digital photographs that I realised I still hadn't checked them out online.

The Ministry of Craft is based in Manchester city centre, they run a wide range of creative courses at  aimed at true beginners right up to those who have more experience in needlework  knitting, printing, lampshade making, all manner of things.  You can even go along and hire a sewing machine for an hour or two.

I was really excited and impressed by the sheer wealth or what is on offer and better still, to my mind the course prices are really reasonable starting at £25.  You can even buy gift certificates.  Members also receive a 10% discount on the day of the course at iconic art craft and design shop Fred Aldous.

Make your own knickers anyone?

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