Part Two: Join us for a Jubilee tea review

8:33 pm

Yesterday we showed you some pictures of our lovely Jubilee tea.  Well now we have eaten, drank and digested so we are going to tell you what we thought of the products.

It cannot have gone unnoticed how almost every brand and store have themed their products in honour of the Jubilee, right down to Kingsmill Bread becoming Queensmill for the occasion and even Ma'amite, some of it frankly is a bit ridiculous. So instead we are bringing you our review of some of the best items in our opinion to add to your tea table this bank holiday.

Jelly Belly 

Everyone loves jelly beans don't they?  Well we do, and jelly belly are our faves.  Their celebratory mix of red, white and blue beans is a delicious taste of cherry, coconut and blueberry. Perfect for decorating jubilee cakes and trifles with the obligatory union flag you could even add them to a lemonade jelly for an extra bit of fizz.

Riverford are new to our area and to celebrate this we were sent a selection of cakes to try.  Flapjacks, brownies and bakewell tart were all on the menu.  They were very rich so we divided the slices up and had a little at the time.  We especially liked the chocolate brownie which was very gooey and delicious.


Well Tyrrells have pushed the boundaries again and come up trumps.  Red, white and blue crisps, try them they said, we thought urgh oh no, but curiosity piqued we decided to have a go.  How glad are we that we did.  They were absolutely delicious a real talking point, full of flavour and terribly moreish. Little D helped to polish of the packet in no time. In particular we enjoyed the red crisps with a hint of beetroot.  In fact Tyrrells how about a pack of just beetroot crisps, just for us?  Yum, yum yum!


Firefly specialize in drinks with natural flavours and we were sent a bottle of lemon, lime and ginger to try. It was a lovely drink , lively and refreshing, perfect for a summers day. The new flavour has just been lauchned in as part of Selfridges' Big British Bang that celebrates the London Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It comes in a bottle featuring the image of a London bus in Selfrdiges vivid yellow trademade colour, Pantone 109.  


Aldi have really come up trumps for the jubilee with an excellent high quality range of decorations including our featured union flag 'tablecloth', and blowers not forgetting excellent value bunting.

What we really love about Aldi is they like to do things really well whilst keeping prices low, their Austin Summer Drink and 1599 Gin really do hold up against the leading brands.  The gin in particular is delicious especially served up with the salt and pepper cashews I challenge you not to finish the packet in a sitting.

If you have family coming round Passions Handcooked Crisps are a crowd pleaser and come in a number of lovely flavours.   Grandad will love a glass of Church's alcoholic ginger beer, it's a real old fashioned taste of the past.

Victory Tea

Gorgeous vintage packaging and amazing quality tea.  Victory Tea is only available mail order. Blend No.1 is a blend of black tea made up of specially selected teas from East Africa.  It is smooth and refreshing and makes a perfect cuppa.  It was perfect for our jubilee tea party.

Whatever you are feasting on this bank holiday weekend, Dormouse and The Teapot wishes you a delicious and memorable celebration. God save the Queen!

We were given all products mentioned free of charge for review.

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