Nothing trumps a nice pot of Trumpers tea

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I am a huge fan of post. I am the one who on the way to the airport, train, car wherever after a holiday or weekend away who is secretly excited because I am coming home to POST.  The best kind of post is of course a treat, and that is exactly what I found waiting for me when I came home from a trip away the other week.

I had been asked to review Trumpers Tea, of course I agreed having heard some wonderful things about it but I was surprised and excited to find a medium size box awaiting in it was all kinds of goodies!

I am sure like me you like hearing all about such things.  In the box was a selection of tea from Trumpers , all loose leaf, fair trade and many of them award winning. Yummy!

There was also a special tea holder to allow you to make tea in a mug.  What a great idea!  It even fits in my travel mug so no more tea bags for me!

To go with my tea was a beautifully decorated biscuit from One Jolly Girl which was just the ticket with a nice pot of English Breakfast tea I made.

And last but not least a beautiful tea towel from our old friends at Betty Twyford.  We just adore this and it looks lovely warming by our new Broseley Stove and is perfect for posh washing up.  You know when you have a dinner party or friends round and you don't want your old reliables on show.

I was very impressed to find that all these companies have one thing in common they are all based in the rural county of Herefordshire. A beautiful part of the country that I have been fortunate to visit quite a few times over the years.  Obviously they are big  fans of afternoon tea as we are here at Dormouse and The Teapot.

But back to the star of the show the tea!

In the spirit of putting my feet up and relaxing, over a few days of course, I tried the whole range. The thing that impressed me as well as their dinky size was their freshness of flavour. Their individual tastes sang right out of the cup. It is not suprising that loose tea drinking in undergoing a renaissance with British suppliers of this quality.

I particularly enjoyed the English Breakfast Tea, a gutsy builders style tea perfect at any time of the day or night.  As perfect with a toasted crumpet as a couple of chocolate digestives.

Another fave was the Chamomile tea which smelt amazing and tasted like a summers day.

The cherry on top for me was the fact that Trumpers tea is Fair Trade. Claire the owner goes out to visit producers and is an enthusiastic champion of Fair Trade and Concern Universal. 

The perfect cuppa with a conscience.

Try them for yourself you can buy mail order from  And if you do here is the Trumpers guide to making the perfect cuppa.

1. Put fresh water from the tap into your kettle- water left in a kettle looses it oxygen and the tea lacks flavour.

2. Warm the teapot, whilst the water is boiling, so that the leaves are warmed before the water is added- it enhances the flavour!

3. Add loose leaf tea to a teapot or mug filter- if using a teapot add one spoon per person plus one for the pot!

4. Add water just off boiling and brew for three minutes

5. Put milk into your cup first- it instantly cools the tea and stops china cracking

6. Put your feet up and enjoy! Don’t forget to pop your tea leaves on your compost!

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