Tarberts Fine is fantastic in our book (and on our sandwiches).

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Here at Dormouse and The Teapot we are always looking for inspiration and new things to try as part of our afternoon tea.  

We can be a bit sniffy about shop bought meats preferring to buy joints from the butcher and cook them ourselves. It is more time consuming but usually much more tasty  But in the midst of our kitchen renovations we received an email from Browns Food Group's PR agency inviting us to try their Tarberts Fine premium meat range.  With the thought that we wouldn't have to make do with cheese yet again, well, how could we refuse?

Following a bit of a disaster when our package went awry (we think taken away with the bins eeeek!) we received a generous parcel of the full range. This included:

Scottish Butter Basted Chicken
Scottish Honey Roast Ham 
Oakwood Smoked Ham 
Honey Roast Finely Sliced Ham
Mature Ham 
Ham and Arran Mustard
Scottish Roast Pork 
Heather Honey Ham

When we say we were pleasantly surprised when we tasted the meats would be an understatement.  For the first time in erm... ever probably, we tasted pre-packaged meats that tasted fresh as if they had come from the butchers or a deli, that tasted of the meat they were supposed to be (..you would be amazed), and that were downright delicious.

Browns Food Group is a family business based on the Scottish Borders.  They founded in 1895 with a small butchers shop in Biggar.  All the meats are from animals that were born and bred in Scotland.  With added ingredients also coming from Scotland. And yes, it does show, the quality just sings.

We particularly liked the pork and the beef.  The smoked ham was as equally nice added to an omlette or in a toasted sandwich as on a lovely ploughmans inspired sandwich (o.k we let the cheese out) with homemade piccalilli. Mmmmm...

We will definately be keeping an eye out for these products in future. Yummy!

We recieved Tarberts Fine meats free of charge for review.

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