Itching to get back into the kitchen

8:48 pm

We've not been blogging as much as we would like here at Dormouse and The Teapot mainly due to various lurgeries and the fact we are still getting straight after having the wood fired system central heating put in.

Believe me half a kitchen floor and a great big hole in the ceiling isn't that conducive to baking and anyway all my ingredients are still temporarily homeless on the old stone shelf.

We are a long way from dream kitchen yet.  But our next step is to buy a Welsh Dresser so we can put some of the crockery away.  We are looking for one with some age and character but that will still have room to store some of the heirloom china and display some of my lovely cup and saucer collection.

We particularly love this dresser from Cooking Gorgeous (amazing company name too) at £390 it's not badly priced is it is nice and roomy and plenty of room to display my china.

We also like the look of this one from Pine Solutions it's a bit dearer at £460 but those glass doors will keep things nice and clean.

We probably will choose one on Ebay though and do it up ourselves, white though lovely is a bit harsh really for our kitchen and we would like one in a nice heritage shade that will blend in a bit more.

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