Three cheers for delicious Twekkelo yoghurts

12:01 am

A while ago we heard about some lovely dutch style yoghurts called Twekkelo, they come in a variety of flavours in a nice big bucket style pot so just right for sharing.

We were sent some to try out, plain, apple and cinnamon, rhubarb and raspberry. They also do a forest fruits and a cherry version.

Suffice to say we were really impressed by them, in the flavoured version a deep layer of creamy cool yoghurt leads to a  scrummy flavorsome compote on the bottom.  Perfect for topping desserts, cereal or even eaten with a spoon straight from the tub.  The flavours were fresh and different from the mainstream yoghurts in the supermarket as they actually taste very fresh and homeamade.

The plain version was also delicious we used it in savour dishes and as a side for a hot curry, it was natural and delcicious with a good balance of acidity and creaminess.  We also used it to make a banana smoothie with honey - yummy!

To sum up we would definatelty go out and buy Twekkelo yoghurts, but we would like to see all the flavours a bit more widely available as we sadly don't have a Waitrose near us.

Twekklo yoghurt is around £1.60 for a 500g tub and is available in a variety of shops and supermarkets

We were sent Twekkelo yoghurts free of charge for review

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