Dormouse's Daring Clippy's Pie

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There's been a lot of good things said about Clippy's Apples preserves in particular their conserves.  After all there are not many apple jams around really so they are a bit of a novelty.  

We are pleased to report on trying them they really do live up to the hype. 

The conserves come in five varieties (apple pie, apple & fig, apple & blueberry, apple and strawberry, apple, rhubarb & ginger),  our firm favorite is the apple and blueberry variety.  The best thing is that they are so versatile, we have had them on toast, with crumpets, on pancakes, in yoghurt and our latest experiment is in an apple pie instead of adding sugar.

Dormouse's Daring Clippy's Pie

This is a really rough recipe, so if you don't like going off piste when it comes to cookery and you are not an experimenter.  this isn't really one for you. 

I simply cored, sliced and mixed two eating apples (they happened to be Braeburn and Discovery but any tasty British apple would be good) with a handful of frozen or fresh blackberries, two tablespoons of apple and blueberry conserve and a large tablespoon of flour. I then made up some pastry, you could use prebought or a packet mix doesn't really matter,  cut in half and roll out each piece to fit your pie dish.  Line the pie dish with pastry, fill will the fruit mix and cover with the second piece of pastry (don't forget air slits).

Brush with milk or egg wash and dust with sugar and cinnamon/mixed spice.  Bake in an oven at gas mark 5/6 or around 175c for about 25 -30 minutes.  When its golden brown it is done.  Serve hot or cold with cream, custard or ice cream.  Delicious!

You can buy Clippy's Apples preserves via Ocado or at Tesco's as well as a range of other stockists at around £2.09 a jar.

We received Clippy's Apples preserves free of charge to review.

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