Molly bakes cake pops - you can too!

12:01 am

Ever since we tried Lollicakes gorgeous cake pops we have been desperate to have a go ourselves.  

We had no clue where to start and so were on the lookout for a good cookery book to assist us.  Imagine our delight when we received a copy of Cake Pops by Molly Bakes.

This hardback book contains 50 delightful recipes so you can make the UKs hottest treat in your own home, you do need a bit of kit to make them though, in particular candy melts and lolly sticks, but these are quite easily available. 

Molly is the UK queen of the cake pop the designs in the book are imaginative and the cake used to make them sounds quite delicious. There are loads of different flavours to try, from classic chocolate to adventurous peanut butter. And when it comes to decorating, it seems the sky is literally the limit, with instructions on how to make everything from simple coloured balls to love hearts, animals and even fluffy clouds.  The illustrations are beautiful and really make you want to have a go yourself.

Possibly the cake pop bible this book would make a lovely present for a sister or a friend (that's if you can bear to part with it yourself)

Molly Bakes (Square Peg) is available at all good bookshops RRP £15.00

Mollys cake pops can be found everywhere from her Brick Lane stall to Selfridges, and include clients such as Vogue and fans like Eliza Doolittle.

We recieved a copy of Molly Bakes free of charge to review

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