Ooo lolly, Lollicakes!

12:01 am

Here at Dormouse and The Teapot we love lollipops and we love cake, so we were really excited when we heard about a new craze sweeping the nation, fresh from America, cakepops.

In case you have been unlucky enough never to have tried these delicious treats they are a basically a rich indulgent cake based dessert on a stick.  What makes them so exciting is the vast variety of designs and flavours possible, there is really one for everybody! When we heard that a cakepop company had just launched in our nearest city, Manchester, we just had to try them and we were really lucky that the lovely ladies at Lollicakes offered to send us a box to review with their compliments.  

What a treat they were! They arrived all wrapped up in a beautiful sparkly gift box and nestled in black tissue paper like a little bouquet of flowers. And yes they tasted as good as they looked, rich dark and chocolately and worryingly moreish.  Each and every lollicake is hand made using chocolate or vanilla cake blended with creamy frosting, dipped in luxury chocolate and then hand painted or decorated in a variety of pretty sprinkles and glitter. Yum!  At around £2 a pop they might at first sound expensive, but when you see the amount of work that has gone into them and the quality of ingredients they contain you will be soon wondering how they manage to make them for so little! They would make fantastic wedding favours or even a quirky alternative to wedding cake.

Lollicakes are currently available from Harvey Nichols and Selfridges in Manchester and by mail order nationally. For more information visit their lovely website at

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