Try It Out Tuesday: Garden Herb Omelette

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I have been looking for something to decently cut herbs with for a long time. I have tried all the gadgets, herb snippers, tearing them by hand,  Nothing really cut the mustard.  I had an old pair of scissors that took one look at my Rosemary and fell apart so when a lovely shiny new pair from scissor experts Kitchen Devils arrived on my doormat with the recommendation rhat they could be used for herbs, I though yeah OK I will give them a whirl but I didn't hold up much hope of them not bruising the soft herbs and making light work of my rather woody sage but I have been pleasantly surprised that they really were very good indeed.  They also have a rather cool bottle opener in the middle that is just the ticket for opening bottles of oil and the like for dressings and salads.

The scissors I tested are part of the Control range which won a a prestigious red dot design award in 2006. They were really comfortable to use with the strong serrated blades made from high quality Japanese steel. They retail at around £9.99 and really are good value for money.

As well as cutting herbs to bring them inside from the garden, the scissors made short shrift if finely and neatly chopping the herbs to go in todays recipe which is lovely served as part if a Summer afternoon tea.

Garden Herb Omelette

You will need

3 medium eggs
1 tsp snipped fresh tarragon
1 tsp snipped fresh chives
1 tsp snipped fresh flat-leaf parsley
Salt and pepper to season
½tsp butter
How to make itBreak the eggs into a bowl and add the herbs. Season with salt and pepper and lightly beat with a fork. Place a small frying pan over a medium heat and swirl the butter around the pan. Turn the heat to high and, when the butter begins to foam, add the eggs. When the outside edge begins to set, use a spoon or spatula to draw the mixture into the centre of the omelette, allowing the liquid egg to run into the gaps. Do this until the edge is set and the middle almost set, as it will carry on cooking when taken away from the heat. Fold the omelette in half with a spatula and slide onto a plate. Garnish with a few extra chives and serve with fresh crusty bread.

We received  scissors free of charge from Fiskars to review.

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