Try It Out Tuesday: Beautiful bunting

12:01 am

Photo by the green gal

Here at Dormouse there's nothing we love more than a beautiful stream of brightly coloured bunting blowing in the breeze.  It shouts garden parties, weddings, fetes or in other words a CELEBRATION!  It's perfect for a street party or just as a decoration and the best thing of all?  it's so easy and cheap to make.  It's a lovely way of using all those remnants and scraps you can't bear to part with.  So why not have a go and make your own

What you will need
Pencil/tailors' chalk
Scissors (for cutting card)
Pinking shears
Needle and thread or a sewing machine
2m of 3cm ribbon 
An iron
How to make it
Use the card to make a triangular template (long triangles are best).  Draw around the template onto your fabric using tailors chalk, cut out the triangles with pinking shears. Take the ribbon and fold it in half widthways, iron to keep the fold in place and pin the triangles between the ribbon at equal distances.  Sew all along the ribbon at least 1cm from the edge making sure that the needle goes through the triangle and the ribbon
Hey presto!

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