Monday review: Whoopie for whoopie pies?

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There's a beautiful new book just out from Square Peg about the latest trend in cakery - whoopie pies. In case you have never tried one (like us before this review), whoopie pies are two discs of sponge cake sandwiching a thick buttercream filling. Like cupcakes, they come from America, where they were originally baked by the Amish community. Whoopie Pies are a surprise hit in Britain, in fact they are currently outselling cupcakes and macarons.

The Whoopie Pie Book by Claire Ptak contains over 60 mouthwatering recipes for every occasion including seasonal flavours like organic Easter rhubarb, indulgent treats like red velvet buttercream, and cute party snacks like raspberry frosted ruffle. The book even includes alternative cake-cookie recipes such as oreo cookies and easy macarons.

Claire Ptak is of Violet a small cake company based in East London which has a shop on Wilton Way and sells out nearly every Saturday at its stall on Broadway Market. Not only has she developed all the gorgeous recipes in the book she is also responsible for the beautiful image styling throughout.

After we had finished drooling at the pictures we thought that we would have a go at the Salty Caramel Whoopie with Caramel Swiss Buttercream. Perhaps in hindsight the buttercream recipe was a tad advanced for us it wasn't necessarily complicated it just had a quite of lot of steps to follow and we are impatient.  Note to self you cannot go off to measure ingredients when boiling sugar ... ahem... it might just burn...  It turned out alright in the end though and was delicious.  For some reason our whoopie pies also didn't flatten as they should and the finished whoopie pie looked like a walnut.  This again was probably our failing as we didn't have the right sugar and substituted demerara for soft brown. However that being said we would definitely had another go as they were still yummy they have disappeared in no time!

The Whoopie Pie Book by Claire Ptak RRP £15  is published by Square Peg and is available from all good book shops.

We received this book free of charge to review

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