Monday Review: Paperless Post

12:01 am

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When we were looking for stationary the other day we came across this fabulous company Paperless Post which lets you send gorgeous customised online invitations to your friends and family or whoever you like.

It's an American company so prices are in $ but on signing up you get 25 free stamps and 10 free coins, sending to one email address uses up just one stamp. If you want to buy more stamps they start at $5 for 30 stamps.

On site we found a great variety of lovely designs for all occasions from birthdays, to christenings, to parties just for the heck of it.   Once you have customised your design and 'posted' them out, the recipient recieves an email with an image of an envelope, when they click on the envelope the invite pops out . It is just like receiving an invite through the post but quicker, cheaper and greener. The recipient can also RSVP at the click of a mouse and Paperless Post deal with all the responses saving you all the hassle! Sounds good to us!

We decided to have a go with some of our freebie stamps and we thought it worked really well.  If you would like to see for yourself how it works here's a sample 

To sum up we loved Paperless Post it's simple, stylish and stress free and we will definitely be using it in future, when the occasion arises.

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