Thoughtful Thursday:Help keep cooking on the National Curriculum

12:01 am

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After years of campaigning for food education, the Government finally announced that practical cooking lessons would be part of the school curriculum for all 11-14 year olds. 

Every pupil now receives at least 24 hours of hands-on cookery classes during the first three years of secondary school.  This helps to ensure that every child leaves school able to prepare basic healthy meals for themselves and their families.
The coalition Government is now conducting a review of the National Curriculum.  There is a concern  that in a drive to “slim down” the curriculum, this small but valuable provision to ensure that children are taught the skills they need to live healthy lives may be lost.  Without basic cooking skills, people are forced to rely on processed ready meals or fast food which is often unhealthy.
Sustain are asking that we take action now to ask the Government to ensure that cooking stays on the curriculum. 

Please support this and help children develop a love of cooking from an early age.

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