Sleepy Sunday: Home sweet home

12:01 am

Here at Dormouse and The Teapot we are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world.  When we look out of our window we see green.  Meadows, hills trees.  Our neighbours are horses and sheep. We more likely see a tractor or cyclist passing on the road.  
It is stunning in Summer and more so in the Winter. You see the seasons turning. It's remote but not overwhelmingly so,  you cant just pop to the corner shop, and the nearest post box is a walk away, but there's a cosy pub at the end of the road.

We love this little semi rural corner we call home, this Winter for the second year running we were snowed in, we hunkered down, we made good use of our firewood, and didn't just survive we had a jolly nice time thank you. 

We are still new to this place however and there's lots of work to be done, a new bathroom with a bath you can soak in without burning your toes on the taps or freezing your bum on the cold cruel cast iron. A space for our little one where cowboys can gallop across the walls and he can sleep in peace without the interruption of our snoring.  The kitchen will be home to a Rayburn, it will be full of life and cheer, the hub of the house with a scrubbed pine table, and armfuls of flowers from the garden.

The garden. My husbands preserve. Waiting for the cluck and scratch of future chickens, bones of the orchard are in place, it is plotted and divided up. This year there'll be vegetables at least, maybe fruit.  Our garden hideaway is in the planning, it will house a pot bellied stove, much needed storage and room to think. 

When Summer comes again we will sit in the meadow sip wine and celebrate our achievements, but for the time being we will sit by the fire, drink tea and toast our good fortune. 

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