Monday Review: Magical, marvellous, macarons

12:01 am

There's a new French fashion in afternoon tea and its a pretty delicious one at that, perfect for the lightest of teas, it's the glamorous macaron. 

The macaron is a sweet confectionery made with egg whites, sugar, ground almonds, and food colouring.  It is filled with jam, buttercream or ganache. Traditional flavours include raspberry, chocolate and vanilla but more experimental varieties include lavender, green tea and even ketchup!

We were lucky enough to try some beautiful Parisian macarons from specialists Macaronique  Made daily in the pure French tradition from the highest quality ingredients, they looked stunning in the box but how did they perform on the tastebuds? 

First of all we were very impressed by their presentation. They were delivered carefully packed in a beautiful little box with its own freezer blocks to keep them nice and cool.  On taking a bite they were at first crunchy, then gooey, then creamy ooh they just melted in the mouth!

Madagascan Vanilla
Absolutely gorgeous vanilla  flavours, like a grown up ice cream sandwich.

Heavenly Dark Chocolate
So dark and luscious with a delicious bitter chocolate afternote.

Rose & Lychee
Gorgeous, reminded me of a summer day in the garden.  Sophisticated and delicious.

Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit
Unfortunately this was our least favorite of all the macarons, it just wasn't to our taste as we are not keen on passion fruit with chocolate.  But we are just odd like that.

Simply Pistachio
Pardon the pun but we were just nuts about this flavour and could have eaten it all day long.  So beautifully green and sweet with a subtle nutty flavour.

Piquant Lemon
This one was sharp and refreshing, like a deconstructed lemon meringue pie (which just happens to be one of our favourite deserts) would be lovely served with ice cream or tea and lemon on a Summer sunny day.

All in all we think macarons are a welcome addition to afternoon tea, as well as looking beautiful and delicate they also taste amazing, we will be definitely hunting them out in future.

You can order delicious Macaronique macarons at their website

We were sent these macarons free of charge to review.

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