Sleepy Sunday: Cleaning teapots

1:49 pm

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There's nothing quite so homely as sipping tea poured from a beautiful teapot, but they can be a bit of a devil to clean. You scrub and scrub only to find unsightly stains in the bottom and tea leaves stuck in the spot.

So instead of getting the Brillo pads out put your feet up this Sunday and relax with a nice book whilst you let the teapot virtually clean itself with one of our four handy methods.

1. Fill a tea pot with boiling water, squeeze the juice from a wedge of lemon (1/4 lemon) and toss in the peel, add 1/8 cup of baking soda. Soak overnight, wash well in the morning.

2. Put 2 tbsp of Bicarbonate of Soda into teapot, then add boiling water to top. Leave 1/2 hour and then rinse thoroughly.

3. Fill teapot with boiling water and add a couple denture tablets. Allow to sit overnight then wash with soap and water in the morning.

4. Put a 1 tablespoon of biological washing powder into the teapot, cover with boiling water and soak for a few hours or overnight. Wash well to remove all residue.

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