Monday Review: Living the good life Rayburn style

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At Dormouse headquarters we have serious Rayburn envy we just love the comfortable homely feel they give to a kitchen. No only that they can also heat your house and warm your water what bliss. Homebaked cake served with a side helping of hot bubble bath now that's living! We are determined that this is the year we will go off grid, yep wood fired Rayburn, open fires and solar power that's the way to go.

With that in mind and thanks to a very thoughtful husband we are now the proud owner of The Classic Rayburn by Louise Walker published by Absolute Press.

Louise Walker is the UKs foremost experts on Aga and Rayburn cookery and has contributed books on a wide range of cooking types for these superb cookers. The book is an adapted version of Louise Walker’s Traditional Aga Cookery for the Rayburn owner, and it's a cookery book full of sound advice, reassuring tips and an array of sumptuous recipes. There are a number of delicious recipes for tea time treats such as Cinnamon Butter Cookies, Bread and Butter Pudding and Magic Lemon Pudding. Many a happy hour has been spent daydreaming over tasty goody which we would try out first.

It's simply an essential kitchen-shelf item for the Rayburn owner or wannabe. The Classic Rayburn by Louise Walker published by Absolute Press is available from all good bookshops RRP £9.99.

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