Tea-riffic tea tasting with Clipper

8:50 pm

nbWe were thrilled to bits when our friends at ethical tea company Clipper asked Dormouse to taste-test some of their new flavours.

If you haven't heard of Clipper they produce a wide range of organic, fair trade, classic, and specialty teas, as well as a selection of coffees and hot chocolate. All their products are free from any artificial ingredients.

We tried five flavours in all and here's our thoughts:

Green tea with manuka honey
A light, clean and crisp green tea ideal as a digestive after dinner, The team liked its mild flavour. Refreshing and calming.

Chamomile and lemonbalm with manuka honey
The team were divided on this one, (after all chamomile is a love it or hate it taste). Those who enjoyed it said it reminded them of summer days in the garden, with light chamomile and lemon balm tastes with a sweet honey kick.

Red fruits with aronia berry
Described as a well balanced and deeply refreshing infusion, this was the Dormouse team's favorite. Packed with gorgeous fruity tastes of raspberry and strawberry we though that this would be lovely hot or chilled with ice in summer.

Green tea with enchinecia
We found this tea very strong with a powerful citrus flavour. One for the pot rather than a cup, as you might want to add a little more water to this one. Lovely lemony fragrance.

Blackcurrant and acai berry
Very fruity with deep blackcurrant fruits. The team thought that this might go down well with children as well as adults as an alternative to hot cordial. They loved the gorgeous colour and fragrance of this too. One for winter.

All in all we really enjoyed our sampling were very impressed at the sheer variety of teas that Clipper offer, we particularly loved the rainbow designs they look fab on our kitchen dresser.

To find out more about Clipper teas or to try one of the many flavours visit http://www.clipper-teas.co.uk/

We recieved Clipper Tea free of charge for review.  All opinions are purely our own.

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