A Grim and Ghoulish Tea for Halloween

2:08 pm

It's coming up to that time of year again when our thoughts turn to ghosts, ghouls and bumps in the night.

Here at Dormouse we have been dreaming up some fantastic ideas for an atmospheric afternoon tea - after dark. Here are some of our evilest ideas...

Devilish Decorations

Carved pumpkins or gourds, black tea lights and a spooky soundtrack (think Evanescence or Mike Oldfield) all set the scene. Send out your invitations written in blood (red pen) and seal with wax.

Sand-witches and Sinful Savories

Why not try dirt and worm sandwiches aka prawns in marie rose sauce served in German black bread.

Or serve deviled egg eyes - cut 6 cold boiled eggs in half, mix yolks with 1tsp dijon mustard, 4tbsp mayo and mash with a fork, refill eggs. Make pupils out of black and green olives by cutting a ring of green olive and placing a dot of black olive in the middle and placing on the egg yolk. For a blood shot sprinkle with paprika for a blood shot look.

Poisionous puddings

Devils food cake would go down a treat alternatively spiced pumpkin cake is a great way to use up all your lantern inners.

Or make ghoulish cupcakes by making minicakes to your favorite recipe and smothering them in white roll out icing, decorate with black icing to make ghosts and spiders etc.

The Beast's Beverages

Hot or iced tea with a few drops of red food colouring served sans milk can be subsitituted for blood for the Vampires amongst you, serve in goblets for authenticity.

Alternatively make a witches brew by mixing cranberry and orange juice and popping in a few jelly lizards, frogs and snakes.

Don't have nightmares, eat well! Mwa ha ha haaa ...

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