The 'mouse returns!

3:06 pm

Hello everyone, we've been missing in action for a little while but we are glad to say we are back. We are going to be easing back into things however and will be blogging just a couple of times a week, until we get out blogging groove back on.

There's been a few changes while we have been quiet. Little D is not as little but still just as cute and has hop, skipped and jumped his way into school life. We on the other hand have been busy with the business, in particular our hand stamped goods which have taken off a storm. So much so sales are nearly out stripping china.

Renovations are apace at our little cottage on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, we are beginning to see the wood for the trees as we begin work on the kitchen. In amongst the craziness we are tea slurping, hammer toting, vintage writing - nothing changes really does it?

Well that's us how about you? Have you missed us?

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