Review: Aldi breakfast, is it the best meal of the day?

9:12 pm

They say that breakfast should be the best meal of the day. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dine like a pauper. It has taken me many years to gain any delight from breakfast, I have always been a dinner type of girl. Breakfast on a good day might be a slice of toast, on a bad day a biscuit, most usually nothing.

On a trip to the states I finally 'got it', it's all about relaxing, taking your time, eating great tasting food and oh if you throw in a steak with those eggs I might just be kinda in heaven.Sadly in our busy lives that can't be everyday,but I make a good attempt at weekends. Little D however is a great breakfaster he would have breakfast all day long if he could. Usually a plate of fruit, cereal or toast, or perhaps a scrambled egg or two, fruit juice or a cold glass of milk. Wave a box of those little Os and mention raisins and he is all set.

When Aldi got in touch and offered us to try a range of breakfast foods that had come tops in the Great Taste Awards, I wondered if I was the right person really, not being a natural breakfaster, but I decided to give it a whirl.

Here are our verdicts on the products we tried:

 Specially Selected Eucalyptus Honey

 2 stars Great Taste Awards

This honey took us right back to holidays past in the Greek Islands.  Great served on greek yoghurt with nuts or berries.  (Even better eaten off a spoon, cold from the fridge).

Selected Farmhouse Seeded White Batch Loaf 

1 star Great Taste Awards

We thought this bread is seriously good for a supermarket loaf.  It was enjoyed by all of us and voted even better than a similar seeded loaf from a luxury supermarket.  It kept for a long time and even froze well (yes we tried it just to see).  It made lovely toast that even Little D enjoyed.  This is definitely going to be added on our shopping list for future visits.

Carringtons Fine Cut Marmalade
1 star Great Taste Awards

It is no secret I adore Aldi's marmalade's and jams.  I think this is because their marmalade's are properly bitter.  So many fall short and become little more than orange jam.  To be honest I prefer thicker pieces of peel so would never go for fine cut but this was lovely for a change and quite delicious.

Harvest Morn Luxury Fruit and Nut Muesli 

1 star Great Taste Awards

If you like your muesli fruity this is the one for you.  It was a bit much for me although I did like the taste of  it, I found it quite heavy because it is literally packed to the gills with fruit, I think I will be mixing it with some other cereal in future to make it a bit lighter.  Ideal if you want a quick breakfast as this will keep you going all day long.

Specially Selected Free Range Eggs
1 star Great Taste Awards

Living out in the sticks we are spoiled. There is nothing to compare with a fresh laid egg warm from your neighbours chickens, this is our everyday experience and it wouldn't be fair for us to judge these eggs based on that. We thought that these were probably fine for a supermarket egg, although we couldn't remember the last time we had tasted one to make a comparison.

In conclusion we thought on the whole these products were very good, although we admit we might not have eaten all of them at breakfast time ...

We received products free of charge for review from Aldi

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