TEArrific tea

9:37 pm

There’s nothing like a nice cup of tea! Who’d have thought that drink made from the dried leaves of the Camelia plant would be such an important part of our everyday lives? Whether it’s PG Tips or the finest Earl Grey we wouldn’t be without our brew.

Tea is such a social drink, to congratulate or commiserate the first thing we do is put the kettle on.  From a neighbour popping round to a formal afternoon tea it’s a ritual we can enjoy with anyone no matter their age. 

But why is tea so special?  Well for a start it’s fantastically good for you and is full of healthy properties.  Studies have suggested a number of benefits including protection against tooth decay (tea includes fluoride), heart disease and even some cancers. Tea also contains high levels of antioxidants which help protect our bodies against aging free radical particles.  In fact alongside eating your five a day experts suggest drinking four cups of tea to get the maximum health benefits.

Tea is the ultimate natural product.  It contains no preservatives or additives and is one of the few products available which is barely processed.  Surprisingly it’s as hydrating as pure water.  The low levels of caffeine it contains gives our powers of concentration a boost, whilst the amino acid theanine which is found almost exclusively in tea works its special magic. Theanine has been shown to reduce anxiety especially in young women, reduces high blood pressure and also enhances concentration and learning. Like coffee, tea keeps us wide awake and alert but it also uplifts, calms, and de-stresses us.

So when you are reading this blog cuppa in hand, rest safe in the knowledge that whilst you are giving your mind a work out you are also giving your health a boost.

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