Heating things up a little

12:12 am

When it's cold outside we love nothing more than a nice warming curry.

Tonight we had chicken curry jazzed up with a dollop of Total 2% Greek Yoghurt.  OK, I admit it we sometimes cheat. We buy our curry sauces from our local take away and freeze them.  It's cheap and easy and so much fresher tasting than shop bought.  Today's offering was balti sauce, we added a couple of chicken thighs,a  handful of mushrooms and a pinch of chilli powder to heat it up a little and the aforementioned tablespoon or two of yoghurt.  Yummy!

We also made a fab peach lassi.  We blended a can of peach slices in light syrup with a splash of orange juice.  Crushed green cardamon seeds and a tub of Total 2% fat greek yoghurt and it was A M A Z I N G, particularly served over ice.

What do you like to eat when it's chilly outside?

We received yoghurt from Total Greek Yogurt free of charge to review.

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