Life on Pig Row - View from the knee

12:01 pm

This week on Pig Row ... *bang bang bang*... *let me out*... 

I have mainly been spending time in the allotment and I haff stolen Mummy's lappytop to tell you all bout it.  Hello it is me Little D I wondered when I was going to get a word in edgeways...

Daddy has been out at work and I haff been busy in the garden with my bucket and spade making castles in his potato patch, I then got a little hungry and wandered into the greenhouse where I took a bite out of all the lovely ripe tomatoes.  I then picked some lovely flowers for mummy - I found them right next to some green beans - this made her cry and shout with joy.. I think.

Isn't gardening lovely?  I must do it again next week.

Andrew Oldham is at work
('Thank god!' - Mummy)

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