Dormouse and Tyrrells want to meet your English eccentrics (and a competition to win some yummy snacks)

12:00 am

Meet Frederick Opie, my great grandfather and a man who none of my family knew much about until very recently...

He was born in St Stithians to a mining family in the 1880's, so it was no surprise that Frederick became a miner himself.  He travelled all over the world to work in the copper and gold mines of the US, diamond mines in Africa, basically anywhere there was money to be made digging in the ground he was there.  My great grandmother travelled all the way from Cornwall to Shasta County California to marry him, by boat and over land (where she told my dad she was chased by Red Indians) highly unusual for a Cornish woman at the age of just 22. Rumour has it Frederick owned a mine himself but my great grandmother threw the certificate away in a fit of pique when their marriage broke down.   He is just one of the many great characters in my family.  Other notable people include a ship wreck survivor, a Cornish wrestler who took part in one of the very first fights in mexico, an actress in the music hall and a series of men called Christmas Frost and that's the tip of the iceburg.  We are a bit of an eccentric lot.

That's why we probably feel an affinity to Tyrrells, as well as producing an amazing range of delicious crisps and snacks they also love English eccentrics, after all they like to do things a bit differently themselves. Take their crisps for example, they use local potatoes, they leave the skin on and they like to cut them a nice and thick.  We have tried their yummy new popcorn flavours recently Sweet and Salty anyone? Gorgeous, just gorgeous, see,
another example where eccentric works!


Are you and your family eccentrics too?  Hope so as, we have a fabulous competition with Tyrrells in store.  Just tell us about an eccentric friend or relative and post a black and white photograph of them  (in the comments section below) and the most eccentric will win a supply of crisps for their next party. In addition the winning picture will also become the profile picture for a week on the Tyrrells facebook page (so if the person is living get their permission first please). 

We can't wait to see and hear all about them!

Competition terms and conditions

Sorry UK entrants only.
Dormouse and The Teapot and Tyrrells will select the image which in their opinion is the most eccentric.
Entrant must have full permission to post any images and for Tyrells to reuse on their facebook page.
Please leave contact email or twitter name otherwise if you win we won't be able to contact you to arrange to send you your prize!
This competition will close at midnight on 18 September 2011.

We were given Tyrrells products to review and give away  free of charge.

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