A trifle with a summer twist

12:01 am

There's nothing like a lovely trifle but when summer hits the traditional pud can be a little heavy on a hot day.  It's still one of our favorite puds though and when we were sent a sample of The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur the old cogs started turning....

Photo credit: taliesin from morguefile.com

A summer trifle with a difference
(Serves 2)

You will need:

A chocolate brownie
4 tsps of Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur
16 Raspberries
Good quality vanilla ice cream
Dark chocolate squares to decorate

How to make it:

We made our trifles in a martini glass.  Divide your brownie into two then cut into chunks fit in the bottom of each glass. 

Pour over 2tsps of Bitter Truth Violet liqueur over the brownie in each glass.

Add half the raspberries to each trifle.

Top with good quality ice cream and decorate with a chocolate square. Voila.  Summer in a glass.

The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur is made from wild violet blossoms that grow in the Alps which are then added to the finest grain spirit. This authentic violet liqueur makes it possible to mix classic cocktails like The Aviation and The Blue Moon true to the original recipe, as well as modern cocktails such as the Violette Fizz. You can purchase it at  The Drink Shop £20.82 for 50cl

We received a tasting sample of this liqueur free of charge from LoveDrink to enable us to create this recipe.

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