An interview with Stacie Stewart

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Southport Flower Show wasn't just a weekend out for gardeners. There were lots of treats for foodies and gourmets alike.

stacie stewart

A wide and wonderful range of culinary delights were on offer everything from curry to cupcakes was available to buy. Over in the show's cookery theatre, Simon Rimmer, Matt Castelli and Stacie Stewart were amongst the chef's and cooks giving demonstrations.  

We caught up with Stacie and asked her a few questions about her involvement in the show and what she has been up to since Masterchef...

It's really nice to see cooks at this year's Southport Flower Show, after all there is a natural link between growing and cooking food. Do you grow or produce anything yourself? 

I do grow my own herbs and I have a budding apple tree too. Whatever I grow I always make an effort for it to go into my cooking. Its so important for me to promote growing and eating your own food.

We really love the vintage theme of the Southport Flower Show. What are you looking forward to seeing at the show and why?
I’m a HUGE rose fan, so I’ll be sniffing out the nearest and prettiest rose! Apart from that I’m just looking forward to the whole experience, demonstrating my dishes in-front of a new audience and just having fun and meeting new people.

We are huge fans of the Beehive Bakery how did you get started with it. Do you have any plans to develop the brand further? How is your pop up vintage tea party service going down?

The bakery is going really well, its growing nicely and I’ve got a few staff. The vintage tea parties are so cool, it’s my favourite thing in the bakery! I would love in ten years to have a small chain of bakeries, I never want it to get too big that I don’t know whats going on on a daily basis though, that terrifies me.

And you have a private dining service too. That's  a brilliant idea. Do you ever want to pull up a chair and sit down and join in with the meal? .

Ive been lucky I’m usually invited to sit down and have a drink at the end of the meal. I’ve been all over the country from the Highlands to Cornwall. The most incredible was my first private dining for a family in St Neots. Their house and kitchen was amazing, I was very lucky! Plus they loved my food.

We believe you are in the process of writing a cookery book based on traditional British regional dishes. When can we see your book out in the shops?
Hopefully the end of next year for the book. I’m still tweaking it, I just keep getting inspired and adding bits to it. It’s all British Classics, nothing too out of the ordinary, just real hearty home cooking and a few of my Masterchef dishes too.

We can't wait to read Stacie's book and we will keep you posted.
You can read more about Stacie at her website here  or follow her blog at

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