Food glorious food!

12:01 am

Strawberry and raspberry season is in full swing. Strawberries of several varieties from Marshmello, Marshmarvel, Flamenco and so on fresh from the garden. Raspberries from the fruit shop, gobbled up by Little D for breakfast, lunch and din dins as fast as his little hands can move. Followed by raspberries blown by his lips showering him, us and the front room carpet in a shower of red.

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It's safe to say that Little D is a fruit lover.  His first love was bananas, quickly followed by pears devoured whole, it is amazing where we find the stalks (in my shoes in my handbag, in the washing machine).  He loves apples sliced, whole, in a pie anyway they come.  Peaches and nectarines well I had one for the first time in 16 months this week, outside, whilst he was asleep, such is his passion.

I would rather have a child that would choose grapes over a bar of chocolate though.  As well as being bad for his teeth all chocolate is mine in this house and I am rather territorial.  That being said he is rather fond of the odd biscuit he has mainly been eating Organix gingerbread men recently. I don't know how but no matter which way up you give them to him he manages to bite their little heads off first, goodness knows what a shrink would say about that, particularly as he laughs as he does it!

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