Thursday thoughts - Tears and laughter

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It's been an interesting week. 

First of all we have all been ill like an amazing sneezing Mexican wave, one by one we have fallen coughing and spluttering. Not a pretty sight. We have discovered that a. Little D does not like coughing this makes him cry b. Little D loves sneezing this is the funniest thing ever and deserves applause.  Therefore he has spent the last days in floods of tears brought on by fear or laughter we are never quite sure which.  We have also discovered he is not much cop at ferrying boxes of tissues but has developed the unlikely skill of clearing things away (if only it was in his own home, not just at the library).

We visited the library at the end of last week when one cold had finished and before another had started.  We are really lucky to have a fantastic library and gallery in our nearest town. It includes a huge children's library and Little D loves going there.  Well who can blame him when there's ten tonnes of lego to examine and discard under unwitting librarians feet?  This time D set about clearing up and we selected some books for him to take home. They were brand new but already had been scribbled in (why do parents let their kids do that?)  Then he decided to make chums with some fellow by the stickle bricks.  All I can say was what resulted was an all out stand off where the the little chap growled and gave D 'the claw' and in retaliation D sneezed on him and laughed.  Needless to say tears ensued and we made a sharp exit.  Funnily enough his mother had done the same some 30 minutes earlier, perhaps we should have taken that as a warning.

To complete our cultural day.  We took Little D to the opera.  The Baby O was  performed by touring company the
Scottish National Opera.  We were serenaded in a magical secret garden full of busy bees, ducks and splashing fish  Little D was enthralled. He watched fascinated as sploshing wellies danced and feathers fell from the sky. 

 No sneezing, no coughing, no crying, just laughter.

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