Thursday thoughts - For to get out of the rain

12:26 am

Photo by Foilman
It's still raining...

We had a short stop late last week, but we're now back to building the ark.  Already the animals are going in two by two mainly over the babygate and onto the kitchen floor.  It is Little D's favorite hobby at the moment. We are not sure if he is perfecting his shot put or his over arm bowling skills.  Either way athletics or cricket it is pretty impressive as they fly twenty foot across the tiles.

We have been pretty much housebound up to today.  We ventured out to a local village in search of life.  As you know Little D is a book fan so we popped into the little library there with the intention of finding him some more items of worship.  Little D set about building a temple out of stickle bricks whilst mummy and daddy hunted through the books looking for the holy grail of baby books Upsy Daisy's Big Kisses.  O.K  so  shes a dancing girl with an inflatable dress and a blue best friend who squeaks but what's not to like? We were busy checking out this book when the heavens literally opened, hailstones the size of  peas fell from the sky as children and parents ran screaming from the park outside falling over each other to get into cars, shops anywhere.  Little D just snorted and chewed on a pilfered stickle brick under his rain hood, anyone would think they would melt.

Bath time is a bittersweet occasion in our household.  First of all we all get a drenching with the splashing secondly although Little D loves the water he hates having his hair washed and dislikes getting out.  Hair washing in particular is usually accompanied by body popping and attempts to flee the country. It has got so bad he religiously smacks the rinsing cup on his morning foray to the bathroom. What makes it worthwhile is his bath time friends. Tonight we were accompanied by eight plastic ducks in various colours and sizes, a swimming frog, and a set of seven stacking cups and Makka Pakka also came along for the ride (he needed a good scrub after all those kisses from Upsy Daisy).  As the rain continued to pour outside all we needed was Noah and a dove and we would have been made...

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