Thursday thoughts - The Battle

12:01 am

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The rain has abated and we have emerged outside blinking into the sunshine like three small animals coming out of hibernation.  The garden is fresh and lush and the water butts are full to bursting, the rains have stopped for a time, at least.  Now begins the fight with our garden friends. Just in time for Wimbledon our nightly treat has become a delicious strawberry or two plucked from our new plants, it seems we are not the only ones.  Every creature from miles around comes to sample these fabled fruits. We are not sure exactly who it is that is having it's dinner, c/o Dormouse and The Teapot but we are considering opening up a PYO, we could make a packet such is their desire for our berries.  To combat this we have taken action, our beds are now  protected from the birds, rabbits and Little D by freshly purchased, elaborately erected nets and we are keeping our fingers crossed.  Only problem is we can't actually get to the strawberries ourselves now.

Our life is full of such struggles at the moment as Little D is becoming more independent and forceful by the day.  He bounces from lamps to wires to plugs and back again like a game of dreadfully of hazardous pinball.  Don't do that, put that down, let that go, no, no, no! and he laughs and laughs and laughs. He has also started to jabber in what my niece has termed Simish,  it makes sense to someone, just not to us. Jabbber, jabber, jabber, doggie, jabber, jabber, jabber, din dins, jabber jabber joo. It is a fight for all of us to be understood, as Little D tuts once again  sits down, sighs and shakes his head (jabber, they are so stuuuuupid, jabber). Each one of us thinks we are perfectly clear, when really we are just Englishmen abroad shouting EGG AND CHIPS, EGG AND CHIPS, C.H.I.P.S...

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