Monday Review: We shook them and were stirred (a bit)

12:01 am

It's been an eventful weekend on Friday after our first ever blog camp we went to the band contest.  If you have ever seen the film Brassed Off it will give you a flavour of what it's all about.  Little D loved the bands and was dancing along to the music whilst we had a rare pint of Tetley's best, well we were  in a field, it was served from a tent what could you expect?

To follow on from that was the Beer Walk. We didn't take part this year but hundreds of people decended on the area mainly in fancy dress to walk a 10 mile pub crawl whilst raising money for charity. This  included my WI group dressed as My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding complete with fake tan tidemarks. 

Sunday of course was Fathers Day so we spent it family style doing the things Daddy Dormouse likes best and then Sunday evening relaxxxxxxxxxxxx, cocktails anyone?

We had been sent some bottled cocktails to try from drinks company Nuba.  The bottles looked promising enough if not a little masculine looking and we were impressed by the fact they were lower in alcohol so perfect with an afternoon tea during the daytime.  We also loved the concept of a bottled cocktail, very handy for a special summer picnic with the girls and no need for lots of ingredients if you wanted a cocktail at home before dinner.  However when we tried the Cosmo it was just too sour for us, the citrus taste was overpowering and we couldn't taste the Cranberry.  It was very pretty to look at, a delicate shade of pink, but it really wasn't to our personal taste. Not to be defeated we decided to have a try of the Mai Tai this was much much better, with a really distinctive fresh flavour. if we didn't know better we would have said it was a freshly made.  Gorgeous almond notes and rum made it a really lovely drink. 

 To conclude it's all down to personal taste, we think that they are really good value, convenient and if they are too strong you can always add a spot of lemonade or sparking water. Definitely worth a try!

Nuba cocktails come in three flavours; Mojito, Cosmo and Mai Tai. They can be purchased from at £7.99 for three cocktails and from selected bars.  For more information visit

We were sent Nuba Cocktails free of charge to review.

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