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This month's CelebriTEA is the lovely Kerry from the fantastic Scrapbookerry.  We are huge fans of her work here at Dormouse and The Teapot and we think you will be too...

I have always loved crafts and have always loved photography, so when I was introduced to scrapbooking six years ago, it made perfect sense to me. It was the best way to look after my photos and instead of just putting them away into an album I was also able to be as creative as I wanted to be and write the story behind the photographs so that people would understand the pictures for years to come.

When I had my little boy, I obviously wanted to fill his albums with lots of photos and stories of all the things he had achieved. But I kept seeing these homemade mini albums and thought that they were fantastic little presents to give to friends and families, and great records of my little boy, as I could fill them with pictures of him and they were unique and personal gifts from me to the people we cared about. Once I started to make some of these of mini albums I was hooked I absolutely loved making them.

Kerry's Squash Books
Even though you can make two of the same albums, such as an Explosion Box no two albums are ever the same, they are always different and I love that about them. I also love the look on people’s faces as they receive the albums. They are fantastic keepsakes and items that people treasure forever! 

Explosion Boxes

I was soon being asked to make these mini albums for other people to give as gifts and this is how Scrapbookerry was born, I was getting so many requests that I decided to start it as a business and sell via my website and through my online shops. I now make Explosion Boxes, Accordion Books in two sizes, Squash Books in two sizes, and Journal Jars with new designs regularly being added. 

Journal Jars

Every album is completely homemade, from the heart at home by myself. No two albums are the same all are unique and different to other albums. As well as making my own selection of albums I also do custom bespoke pieces, thus meaning that if you have a special event that you want an album for you can pick the design, and the colours that are used.

Once the album is made, it is sent to the customer with a selection of photo splits so that the customer can finish the album off. By adding their favourite pictures, and their own memorabilia this means that not only is the album an original from me, it also has the final personal touch from the person giving the album to the receiver as they are the person that puts the final touches in. Making the album a true keepsake forever and ever to treasure for the receiver.

Places to find Kerry:

Website: www.scrapbookerry.co.uk

Blog: www.andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/scrapbookerry @scrapbookerry

Facebook: www.facebook.com/scrapbookerry

Folksy: www.folksy.com/shops/scrapbookerry

Coriandr: www.coriandr.com/shop/scrapbookerry

Misi: http://www.misi.co.uk/shop_info.php?domain=scrapbookerry

Email: scrapbookerry@gmail.com

Scrapbookery are also currently setting up Etsy

Kerry is also the Craft Writer at BDT www.brewdrinkingthinkings.com/craft.html

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