Thursday thoughts: Whether we do, weather we don't

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What awful weather!

The foundations for the garden hideaway came to a screeching halt a couple of weeks ago and ever since we have had nothing but rain.  As we sail by in our little boat it feels more like April that May turning to June.  As my grandmother would have rightly put it Flaming June (to be taken however as appropriate).  If there is an upside to this perennial wetness it's that we have been making the most of it and been sampling and reviewing some wonderful treats as we sit shivering by the fireside.

We are planning already for the Winter.  A new Eco friendly wood fired heating system is to be installed.  This will not only handle all the heating it will also provide us with lashings of hot water and means to cook.  This  system is to replace our dinosaur system of immersion and storage heaters which eat us out of house and home electric wise and none of which works properly.  We are told that the new system is NASA technology, not cheap but we think worth it, you really cannot put a price on being warm and dry for a lifetime, especially when the rain seems ever present.

Little D now fully shod is walking like a pro in his new shoes and you would never have guessed that they had caused so much consternation in the first place.  We have also recently discovered he is an expert climber, tackling the steepest stairs at the speed of light and with a sense of ease usually reserved for Sherpas.  We think he may have been a mountain goat in a past life.  We have been out but a couple of times rain hood firmly up.  The main reason why Little D has taken such a shine to the shoes is that they make a cool thud kicking against the rain hood and are much more efficient for getting the right amount of water off to soak Mummy and Daddy.

The garden is looking very lush however the strawberry's earmarked for a lazy afternoon tea are bearing fruit already. swelling nicely from all the extra water, we have been promised a heatwave next month to ripen them up.  The weather has some benefits I suppose - we just have to stop them blowing away in the meantime.

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