Thoughtful Thursday:Is this really your cup of tea?

12:01 am

Tea steeping

In a recent nationwide survey the smell of tea was listed as the nations fourth favorite fragrance after fresh bread, cut grass and clean laundry. However, we had to do a double take and check the date when we saw that Tetley have launched a new perfume 'Le Brew', yes it's April but apparently it is true.

The perfume which costs £15 features Tea Folk's Tina in a famous Marilynesque pose. Her scent is intended to smell fresh and spring-like.

Tetley’s Senior Tea taster, blender and buyer, Joyce Muendo, said: 'We selected this scent for Le Brew because it reminded us of freshly cut tea and the tropical scents in the tea plantation.

'The fragrance contains tones of tea alongside Oak Moss and Clary Sage to create a relaxing and totally fresh scent… just like a great cup of Tetley.'

The limited edition ‘Le Brew by the Tea Folk’ perfume is available from the Tetley Tea Shop.

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