Thoughtful Thursday: What price for tea?

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Cliveden House in Berkshire is headed for the Guinness Book of Records with the world's most expensive afternoon tea at £550 per couple.

The tea which has been created by executive head chef Carlos Martinez, includes white truffles (at a mere £2,500 per kilogram), Beluga Caviar (at £4,000 per kilogram, we'll have two lots please) and exceptionally rare Da Hong Pao Tea, which is harvested from one thousand year old plants (at a bargainous £2,000 per kilogram).

In addition the afternoon tea contains the 'Cliveden House Chocolate Cake with Gold Leaf', which uses the most expensive chocolate in the world, Amedi Porcelana. The cake is paired with the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak. This unique coffee is so rare that it costs an incredible £50 per cup.

Meanwhile the hotel's Platinum Club Sandwich is also part of the menu, which priced at £100 was von Essen's previous 'world's most expensive…' title. This will appear in a mini canapé version and is made from 30-month air-cured Ibérico ham, described by the Spanish as the 'fourth gastronomic wonder of the world', poulet de Bresse, white truffles, quail eggs, semi-dried Italian tomatoes and 24-hour fermented sour dough bread.

The afternoon tea is washed down by a glass of Dom Perignon Rose, described as the 'King of Champagnes'.

There's just one question on our lips, where are the scones?

Cliveden will be donating 50% of any profit to Marie Curie Cancer Care from each of the 'World's Most Expensive' afternoon teas sold between June 12th and July 12th 2011.

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