Try It Out Tuesday: A calorie controlled cream tea?

12:01 am

The Dormouse team don't often count calories but we have been eating lots of lovely food (read cream, sugar, butter and lots of it) recently and sometimes we recognise that our bodies need a bit a of a break. That being said we really didn't want to give up our lovely afternoon teas in particular scones. 

It's not actually the scones that are too bad if you make a plain scone which is quite low in fat anyway, but its that lovely gooey cream and jam topping that does the damage. However when we were sent a goody pack of TOTAL 0% split pots we were inspired. We got out the toaster, put the kettle on and hey presto a delicious guilt free tea of TOTAL yoghurt and compote crumpets was ours yummy!

TOTAL 0% split pots come in four gorgeous flavours; blueberry, strawberry and tropicial fruits (all less than 130 calories) and honey (167 calories). They contain no fat or artifical flavouring but are creamy and full of flavour.

We loved this combination and think it is a real alternative, whether you are watching your waist or just fancy a midweek treat. The yoghurt also good eaten straight from the pot.

TOTAL o% split pots are available from most Waitrose stores.

We were sent this yoghurt  free of charge to review.

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