Thoughtful Thursday: The Love Verb

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You may have heard of best selling novelist Jane Green but did you know as well as writing very enjoyable stories that she is a real foodie and accomplished cook? Whilst juggling her writing and touring commitments she home cooks for her brood of four pre-teen children everyday. She has been writing her own recipes for many years, and decided to publish some of them in her latest novel, 'The Love Verb', which is out now.

Each recipe features as part of the plot, and appears at the end of each chapter (31 in total). Jane actually wrote 'The Love Verb', after her experiences of nursing her best friend Heidi through breast cancer, a fight that Heidi tragically lost. One of the ways Jane supported Heidi and her family during Heidi's illness was by cooking for them - so publishers Penguin have teamed up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to release a free exclusive recipe booklet this Mother's Day, to encourage people to caringly cook up something special for their mums.

The recipe booklet is available to download and features eight easy-to-make recipes from the novel. Also available to download and send are a selection of Mother's Day e-cards. Featuring mouth-watering photography of each of the recipes, they carry a pledge to make the dish pictured as a Mother's Day treat.

To view the campaign and download the recipe booklet click here

To download the ecards click here

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