Monday Review: Lancashire Tea - war of the roses?

12:45 am

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Some time ago the lovely people at Lancashire Tea supplied us with some tea which we gave away during our LOVE February festival.  At the same time they also sent us some tea that we could try ourselves and review, having just used up the last of a packet we decided that now would be a good time.

We must admit feeling slightly guilty being over the border from Lancashire ourselves however the tea brand is actually quite popular across the country being sold in quite a few large chains and supermarkets from Cumbria to Birmingham.  Not bad for a tea company set up in 2005.

The tea doesn't pull any punches it is a strong traditional brew that you will either like or you won't.  If you like your tea in a builders mug it is probably the ideal brand for you, perfect for breakfast when you need waking up or for dunking your bourbons in. If your cup of choice is a main line brand have a go at Lancashire tea, it's reasonably priced and offers a decent alternative.

We were supplied with Lancashire Tea free of charge by Lancashire Tea  for this review.

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