Monday Review: Ella's Kitchen's a real treat!

12:01 am

My son Little D usually gets left out when we are doing reviews as he is only one, but he has got a lovely mouthful of teeth, so when the delightful people at Ella's Kitchen sent us lots of baby friendly goodies of course  he was only too delighted to review them.

In fact when they arrived he was over the moon...

He had a really good look at everything in the box...

and it wasn't long til he was trying them out!


We eventually managed to wrestle them off him though in return for a sneaky Milk n Vanilla Baby Cookie

I don't know how we had missed Ella's Kitchen products until now. I think it is because we have only really fed Little D homemade food apart from one brand of organic shop bought snacks which he loves. Ella's Kitchen products only include organic ingredients that are natural, pure and healthy - so they were right up our street.

In the box were
  • Baby Cookies Milk n Vanilla and Apple n Ginger
  • Stacks of Sticks Orange n Pear and Wholewheat
  • Bakey-Bakies Cheese n Spinach and Apple, Raisin and Cinnamon
  • Smoothie Fruits Red, Purple, Green and Yellow
We really loved how bright and colourful the packaging was, it looked really appetizing.  And one item we particularly loved was the Smoothie Fruits so versatile, with Weetabix at breakfast, yoghurt after lunch, in the freezer as a cooling treat - brill for teething.  We wish they did adult sizes as we had a try and they were lovely!

For a special treat for Little D we put together a lovely afternoon tea with some of the products.  Pictured here you can see Baby Cookie Milk n Vanilla "scones" topped with thick greek yoghurt and Smoothie Fruits Red and Purple.  Stacks of Sticks Orange n Pear and cucumber sandwiches made with  Cheese n Spinach Bakey-Bakies. Of course this is all served with a bottle of finest organic milky-moo (cows milk to me and you).

Little D really enjoyed all the products especially the Baby Cookies and Smoothies. He wasn't a big fan of the Stacks of Sticks but then again he is not a fan of crusts or bread sticks so I don't think this was anything to do with Ella's Kitchen just personal choice.  We will definately seeking them out in the supermarket, especially those scrummy smoothies!

Thank you Ella's Kitchen Love Little D xxx

Ella's Kitchen products are available at most large supermarkets. For more information you can visit their website at

We were sent these items  free of charge to review.

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