Monday Review: Bis kits coming hot from an oven near you

9:00 am

It's been so hectic over Christmas that we've just got round to baking up some fantastic biscuits the lovely folks at Marlow's Bis Kits sent to us last year. They arrived still frozen solid, thanks to their little freezer pack, in December but with all the festive madness back in the deep freeze they went until we could devote proper attention to them.

Deservedly so! they were the perfect treat for a gloomy January day, just the thing to cheer us up. What absolute bliss no mixing, rolling or weighing was needed we just pulled them out of the freezer and popped them on a grease-proofed baking tray and hey presto fifteen or so minutes later delicious chocolate chip cookies and ginger nuts were ours for the tasting. With the added bonus of very little washing up.

Bis kits are an ideal solution if you love fresh biscuits warm from the oven but have very little time to make them. If surprise guests drop in for example, voila home made biscuits are at instantly at hand, your domestic goddess veil never has to slip. Nine yummy flavours including lemon shorties, syrup oaties, and cherry chocolate & marshmellow are available all of which are free from artificial flavouring, colours and preservatives. Each contains 100% butter and is hand made in the same way as it would be at home.

Bis-Kits are also available in dough-blocks so you can roll, cut and bake whatever shape takes your fancy! Perfect for getting the kids involved and a gentle introduction to home baking. They even offer bits and bobs such as icing and edible glitter so that you can decorate your own Bis-Kits or create your own wacky flavours!

For more information visit or purchase bis kits at The Virtual Farmers Market at

Rolled, weighed and ready-cut into individual doughs which you can whack straight in the oven. £3.49 per pack of 8 Bis-Kits

In a block, so that you can get involved and create your own crazy shapes and sizes. £2.99 per pack (300 grams)

We recieved Bis Kits free of charge for review, any opinions are purely our own.

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