New bulk china supply service - Fatty Dormouse by Dormouse and The Teapot

11:20 pm

By popular demand Dormouse and The Teapot have decided to launch a unique new service to supply your bulk vintage china needs in one fell swoop.

Whether you are a cafe or restaurant owner looking to supply your eatery, a bride looking for vintage china for your wedding, a photographer setting up a props library, a hire company looking for extra stock or you just just need vintage china - lots of it -we can fulfil your needs.

Because you are buying in bulk prices are much cheaper than our website, often working out around or just slightly more than hiring and so much more cost effective than hire as you actually get to keep the items. Remember all our items are mismatched so you get that great shabby chic look without having to buy loads of excess tea sets, think of the time you will save sourcing them yourself, we will get the look you want just right with the minimum of effort on your part.

If your china is for a one off event like a wedding, tea sets make a lovely gift to give away to guests at the end of the day, that's if you don't want to keep them yourself, and shhh! you can always sell them on afterwards as we will also be offering pre-bookable buy back service so you can keep your costs down right from the start (subject to terms and conditions).

For more information or a committment free quote please email us at

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